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Cases Made Easy: Genitive – 1

This is an approximate transcript of my lesson on Russian Genitive.

Hi, all! This is Dmitry, your Russian language teacher.
Today’s lesson is dedicated to a very great lady, Kristy Lions. Kristy lives in Colorado Springs and she is a piano teacher in Fountain Valley School.
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Eleven Russian Letters, That You Already Know

The good news for Russian learners is that many of Russian letters look like Latin letters. Some of them sound similarly, too, while others sound differently.

So, let’s start with the letters that look exactly like their Latin counterparts AND sound similarly, too. There are 6 Russian letters of this kind.

They are:

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Was She Really the Biggest Love of Alexander Pushkin?

Probably the best of his love lyrics, Pushkin devoted to his lover Anna Kern.

They had very much in common. Both were unhappily married. Both had loads of admirers.

Their affair resulted in many impressing poems. Among them, the poem, that probably is known by every Russian student.

As a teenager, Anna was married off to a general, who was some 40(!) years older, than she. Read More

Learn Russian: 36 Most Useful Phrases To Allow Something Or Not

In this Russian language lesson you will learn to use the basic Russian words for permitting or not permitting anything.

Можно – Нельзя.

When you visit Russia, you hear these words said loads of times.

Get started now 🙂

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Russian Summer – Heat, Fields, River…

Nearly one and a half centuries ago, in summer 1868, a very well-known Russian classical poet Tyutchev wrote this poem. It is still relevant in these days…

В небе (in the sky) тают (are melting) облака (clouds),

И, лучистая (shining, sort of “radiant”, луч – ray) на зное (at heat),

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Russian Military Song

Did you know, that in Russian Army there are very special song for marching?

Concert – Baikal Style

Did you ever hear ice music?

On lake Baikal this becomes possible.

Quiz: What is the Biggest Lake in Russia?

You have quite a few time to get ready for your next tour to Russia 😉

The Most Famous Russian Officer

Specially to the April Fools Day 🙂

Midnight, someone is knocking at the door.

Madame asks:

– Who is there?

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Spring Lyrics

Some 30 years ago, in spring, I went to the 3-rd grade of a primary school. During our reading lessons we were reading a poem about spring. It was by a Russian classic – Alexey Pleshcheev. Lots of his poems are learnt at school. Indeed, in Russian schools his poems appear since 19-th century, when he was yet alive. Well, Pleshcheev deserves it, he does.

Then, in the 3-rd grade, we were given homework – learn a part of this poem by heart. I remember it till today.

Уж тает снег, бегут ручьи, (Snow is already melting, streams are running)

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