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Moscow - the Kremlin

Russian girl in a park

Friends in Moscow

Russian man

Fur-trees in winter

Town of Vladimir, near Moscow

Tea-kettle - samovar, and bagels - baranki

Wooden church in northern Russia

Town of Vologda, north to Moscow

Woman by a canal in St. Petersburg

Russian couple

Residential area, Moscow

Welcome to Russian Language Lessons :) Learn Russian online with Dmitry

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Lesson 60: Romance and Relationship

Starting a relationship with a Russian may be challenging. In this lesson I shall not elaborate on cultural differences, but I shall try to concentrate on language you may need to use if you want to start such a relationship. And – this is the last lesson in this series – it is about parting, too.

icon Lesson 60: Romance and Relationship (18.68 MB)

icon Lesson 60: Romance and Relationship (111.44 kB)

Lesson 59: Alternative Language

Russian «alternative» or «bad» language – they say, that only a Russian may truely understand all its hints and nuances. Some Russians use it not only for cursing – they just SPEAK alternative. Today I'll try to present you some words, that you will most probably hear if you stay in Russia. This is an optional lesson, so those of you, who may become upset with this sort of language, may want to go directly to the next lesson.

icon Lesson 59: Alternative Language (21.14 MB)

icon Lesson 59: Alternative Language (109.4 kB)


Lesson 01: Greetings

Imagine you are meeting a Russian speaker for the first time. What will you say? What will they respond? Start learning Russian with this lesson. 

icon Lesson 01: Greetings (6.61 MB) 

icon Lesson 01: Greeting (81.15 kB)

Lesson 02: Getting Acquainted

You may want to get acquainted with a Russian speaker. How can you do it? What should you say? Listen to this Lesson 02.

icon Lesson 02: Getting Acquainted (11.21 MB)

icon Lesson 02: Getting Acquainted (94.38 kB)


Learners' Successes

Share with me your successes from this course!

Ryan, USA

Dear Dmitry! Thanks to your lessons, this time I didn't feel so much an alien in Russia as I used to feel before. Now I can understand much more of what they are saying and I can express myself, confidently enough, too.

Hanna, Netherlands

I think, the best thing about your lessons is that you concentrate on what people really say when they get to different situations.

Judy, UK

I learnt pretty much Russian before; I used to learn with coursebooks, and I could read some Russian. But the problem with a coursebook is that it does not really teach you to speak. With your lessons I've finally learnt to speak, too! Thank you!

Armin, Germany

My girlfriend's family is Russian. Through your lessons I finally started to understand them when they are talking among themselves. But probably the most shocking experience was that I started to understand their way of thinking, their actions, that sometimes can seem rather odd.