Learn to Speak Russian
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Russian Military Song

Did you know, that in Russian Army there are very special song for marching?

Eleven Russian Letters, That You Already Know

The good news for Russian learners is that many of Russian letters look like Latin letters. Some of them sound similarly, too, while others sound differently.

So, let’s start with the letters that look exactly like their Latin counterparts AND sound similarly, too. There are 6 Russian letters of this kind.

They are:

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Concert – Baikal Style

Did you ever hear ice music?

On lake Baikal this becomes possible.

Quiz: What is the Biggest Lake in Russia?

You have quite a few time to get ready for your next tour to Russia ;-)

The Most Famous Russian Officer

Specially to the April Fools Day :-)

Midnight, someone is knocking at the door.

Madame asks:

– Who is there?

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Spring Lyrics

Some 30 years ago, in spring, I went to the 3-rd grade of a primary school. During our reading lessons we were reading a poem about spring. It was by a Russian classic – Alexey Pleshcheev. Lots of his poems are learnt at school. Indeed, in Russian schools his poems appear since 19-th century, when he was yet alive. Well, Pleshcheev deserves it, he does.

Then, in the 3-rd grade, we were given homework – learn a part of this poem by heart. I remember it till today.

Уж тает снег, бегут ручьи, (Snow is already melting, streams are running)

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Spring, Igor, Harmonica and Uncle Vova

Spring is coming! Let’s celebrate together with Igor and his uncle – dyadya Vova!

Do you really need the textbook?

I wouldn’t dare to sell transcripts, if they were just to put on paper what you hear during the lesson.

That’s not why I advise you to purchase transcripts.


The main reason why you NEED the transcripts book is simple.

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In a Russian Supermarket

I can’t make sure if this is true or a fake. But looks realistic.

Why Learning Russian Language?

Why did you decide to learn Russian language?

Each learner may have their own reply.

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